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A slice of cake with your TEEP?

TEEP and CAKE* (The Teacher Effectiveness Programme, Creative and Knowledge Excellence) is the brainchild of Polly Lovell, Principle of UTC Plymouth. Set up in 2016 and based on the TEEP model, TEEP and CAKE is a model of effective teaching and learning drawn from research and best practice.

This site is maintained by UTC Plymouth and is supported by both SSAT TEEP and several University Technical Colleges from around the country including Aston University Engineering Academy, UTC Reading and WMG Academy. The TEEP programme is now delivered to 100's of schools and continues to improve teaching and learning. TEEP and CAKE is a resource hub to support those who are working within the Teacher Effectiveness Programme.

Since being first exposed to TEEP over two years ago, UTC Plymouth has used all of it's strategies within the classroom environment to great effect, even with students providing feedback of how they enjoy the lessons more. We regularly provide our staff with CPD that is based around the TEEP model and all observations are built from the TEEP model.



UTC encourages teachers to develop creativity in the classroom. Creative learning hinges on experimentation, and having the freedom to explore different colours, shapes, materials, and to play around with language.



At the heart of every classroom, lies knowledge. Teachers draw on a body of professional knowledge and research to respond to the needs of their students within their educational contexts.



Teaching & Learning is the core business of UTC. We ensure that our learners have the highest quality learning experiences and have a clear focus on all outcomes that helps learners achieve to their fullest extent.

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We have become good at what we do because we evaluate our practice. Effective teaching helps student learning and we encourage a broad range of sources to evidence good teaching practice.

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Should we teach knowledge and facts or thinking skills? The success of the approach is that we have a school-wide mindset to thinking which means it becomes central to us all.

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We are critically informed with professional values, knowledge and actions that ensure positive impact on learners and learning.

About Teep & CAKE

The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP) and how it has had a positive influence on daily life at UTC.

TEEP and CAKE came about after a series of inspirational CPD training sessions delivered by Corinne Settle and as a result of this, we have embedded the features of the TEEP programme into our Standard Operational Procedures.

The TEEP programme had a huge impact on many aspects of classroom life at UTC that it has now become common place. The learners are more motivated than ever and they really enjoy the new and inspiring methods of teaching that have been bought into the classroom arena.

The CAKE Gallery

Some of the inspirational activities that have been embedded into the classroom;

TEEP has reinvented both teaching and learning and has created a more engaging and dynamic arena in which to study.

The TEEP approach has also helped to support our teaching staff in creating a truly unique learning environment for our students. The Learning Cycle has enriched teaching by creating effective teacher behaviours and underpinning what the teacher and learner are actually doing in the lesson.

Focussing on Specific Learning

Our 2 day TEEP initial training in Birmingham was met with some scepticism for staff but that soon changed as we launched into workshops with our other UTC colleagues. We came away not only inspired but I feel we really pulled the team together. We are all on the same train and we are going ion the right direction.

In a wider sense TEEP is helping us focus on specific teaching and learning that is relevant and rigorous. Already the landscape of teachers classrooms are changing and we are captivating and motivating our learners to want to succeed.



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